Thursday, March 02, 2006

Well, after much toil I got the thing to upload, so "Maternity Leave" is now available for your listening and downloading pleasure.

Please check out the new feed on iTunes. You can get there by searching "Matthew Mitchell" in the iTunes Music Store. And while you're there, why not download an episode or two of LOST Season 2?

Matthew Mitchell
Creator, Host

MP3 File

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Website Makeover!

I re-did the entire website. I think it has a more....professional feel now. Please tell me if the links aren't working.

The LOSTquiz will be revealed tomorrow on the show.

Tune In,
Matthew Mitchell
Creator, Host

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Restarting the podcast

I have reworked a few things, and even updated the Audio Player.

Look for me soon on iTunes!

The podcast will be recorded once again on Wednesday. It will be a live episode, which is how 23rd Psalm was recorded. I highly recommend listening to that one, as it is a completely revolutionary format.

I will also be re-revealing some ideas that I mentioned in the last podcast, which I believe was for The Hunting Party, but it was never uploaded. So listen in for that too.

I hope a larger audience can be established this time. If someone you know watches LOST (or doesn't because they don't get it) tell them to come here and they can learn about it. I'm going to talk about the LOSTrewards on the next show, which I think could be an incentative to get the word out about the show.

Matthew Mitchell
Creator, Host

Sunday, January 15, 2006

After many difficulties with uploading, the podcast is finally here! I sincerely apologize for the lateness of the show, and believe me when I say I will try harder to keep on a schedule.

This week I record while LOST airs, and discuss theories and speculations about this and upcoming LOST episodes.

Creator, Host

Friday, January 13, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Due to a problem with my computer and Audioblog, I have not been able to upload the podcast for "The 23rd Psalm" yet. Sorry for the delay. It should be up no later than Saturday night. Again, apologies. It's a very good show, so please have a listen when it's up.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm Recording Tomorrow

For those of you who check this website frequently (thank you), just a heads up that I'm recording tomorrow. I need anything you've been holding off with by 7:30pm Central Time tomorrow if you want it to make the show. I promise it will be really cool. I'm going to begin recording 10 minutes prior to the show begining. I have an awesome theory to get in, and an interview.

So check your podcast directory on Thursday to make sure you get the latest portion of LOSTminds!

NOTE: I have not gotten put on iTunes yet. Apologies. Apple hates me. Long story, but it involves downloading LOST on dial-up. But I'll get on there sooner or later, and then you can listen to me all day!

ANOTHER NOTE: I could possibly be getting new equiptment soon, but I'm not sure, as it's $150. But it would sound really cool, so yeah.


Monday, January 09, 2006

LOSTminds Quiz

Available January 11th, you will be able to take the following quiz to earn a special mention on the show, and a "Trivia Master" nickname on the forums. Send your completed quizzes to:
ONLY YOUR FIRST ENTRY WILL QUALIFY. This is because you recieve and automatic reponse with the answers on it. Please don't cheat by using another email address. In the event of a tie, I will either make another tie-breaker quiz, or just give them all the award. THIS QUIZ WILL BE REMOVED AS OF 2/11/06!!!

So here are the questions. Please copy and paste the entry form at the bottom of this post into your email, and title your email "LOSTminds Quiz"

1.What is Sayid’s last name?
2.What is Walt’s dog’s name?
3.What animal does the DHARMA hatch depict? I am referring to the one that Locke and Boone found.
4.In what episode did Charlie say: “Guys….where are we?”
5.What was the name of the stewardess that got “kidnapped” by the others? HINT: She was part of the tailies for awhile.
6.To whom does this last name belong to: Rutherford
7.What does Locke do when Jack asks him where Boone is (after Jack saying that you two have been joined at the hip) in “Hearts and Minds?”
8.What do Locke and his “dad” do on their first day out? HINT: It involves something Locke is good at.
9.What is Locke’s job? (Need what type of job and company)
10.Why does Jin attack Michael early on in the first season?
11.What is Jin’s full name? (First, middle, last)
12.What is Sayid’s college roommate’s first name?
13.What is Sawyer’s real name?
14.Locke refers to Jack “seeing” his dad as seeing what?
15.What is the “Black Rock“?
16.What does Danielle refer to the “Monster” as?
17.Who did Locke, Kate, and Jack find in the hatch? (First name)
18.What was Jack’s wife’s name?
19.Which actress plays Sun?
20.Which actor plays Jack?

Real Name (Requested):
LOSTminds Username (Required):
**I hereby grant LOSTminds to use these answers on the air. My name will not be tied to my answers. I also grant LOSTminds permission to say my name on the air in the event I win the contest**